Feasibility Analysis, Level I

Feasibility Analysis, Level I




Before you make an offer, narrow down your choices on up to 3 lots.

Take advantage of this product when evaluating land. This is great for people shopping. A Level I Feasibility Analysis provides the three most important pieces of information when purchasing land on which to build a home –

• Can I build a home here?
• How much will it cost to develop?
• How long will it take?

We have developed an amazing data focused calculator based on years of experience that provides peace of mind to make an informed decision on up to three lots!

Product Deliverables Include:

  • Site Development Calculation
  • Red Flag Review
  • Buildability Scale

*Fee is non-refundable, expires 12 months from payment.
**Estimated Product Deliverability Timeframe: 5 Business Days.
***Not a Guarantee of Permit.