Feasibility Analysis, Level I

Feasibility Analysis, Level I




Once you’ve found the perfect location it’s time to make an offer and complete your due diligence within your feasibility period. With a Feasibility Analysis Level I you will have the information you need to feel confident that the property you’re purchasing is buildable and your required scope is feasible within your development budget and time frame for completion.

Product Deliverables Include:

  • Site Development Calculation
  • Environmental & Geological Hazard Preliminary Determination
  • Buildability Scale
  • Zoning Confirmation
  • Land Use Confirmation
  • Setback & Height Confirmation
  • Ingress & Egress Confirmation
  • Utility Verification

*Fee is non-refundable, expires 12 months from payment.
** Estimated Product Deliverability Timeframe: 15 Calendar Days.
*** Not a Guarantee of Permit.

Last Updated: 07/21/2021