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Land Use Determination

Land Use Determination




Find Out About Subdividing, Adjusting Your Boundary Line, Or Identifying Your Properties Highest And Best Use.

Product Deliverables:

  • Project Cost & Time Calculation
  • Conceptual Design
  • Red Flag Review
  • Zoning Confirmation
  • Land Use Confirmation
  • Density Calculation
  • Access Confirmation
  • Utility Confirmation
  • NRCS Web Soil Survey Report
  • Road Map to Project Completion
  • Coordination for Percolation Test and or Critical Area Determinations

*Estimated Product Deliverability Time-frame: 30  Days, Subject to Jurisdiction & 3rd Party Schedules.
**Not a Guarantee of Permit.
*** Price does not include jurisdiction pre-application Fee.

****Product Deliverables will be specific to your desired project goal.