Feasibility Analysis, Level III

Feasibility Analysis, Level III




Our Most Comprehensive Feasibility Analysis.

A Level III Feasibility Analysis is designed to provide important information including a project road map that allows you to manage your own project through permitting to the point a general contractor or builder can begin building your home.

Product Deliverables Include:

  • Site Development Calculation
  • Red Flag Review
  • Buildability Scale
  • Zoning Confirmation
  • Land Use Confirmation
  • Setback Confirmation
  • Access Confirmation
  • Critical Areas Review
  • Utility Verification
  • NRCS Web Soil Survey Report
  • Jurisdiction Due Diligence
  • Coordination for Percolation Test and or Critical Area Determinations
  • Road Map to Project Completion

Complementary Project Coordination:

If it is determined an on-site-sewer system, commonly referred to as a septic tank, will be required in order to build your home we will coordinate at your direction and on your behalf to have a licensed septic designer perform a perk test to determine if the land will support an on-site-sewer system. This will be in addition to the cost of the feasibility analysis. Average Price Range: $750-$1475.

*Fee is non-refundable, expires 12 months from payment.
** Estimated Product Deliverability Timeframe: 45 Business Days, Subject to Jurisdiction & 3rd Party Schedules.
*** Not a Guarantee of Permit.

****Price does not include Jurisdiction Pre-Application Fee